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Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe 2018

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Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe 2018 – Europe is a treasure trove of incredible excursions that make it possible to decide where to work. Fortunately, travel professionals have come to the isolated planet to bring you the best place to add to your list of buckets in 2018.

So let’s have a look at our list of Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe 2018


5. Gotland, Sweden


Best places to visit in Europe
“Best places to visit in Europe” / European destinations / travel Europe


Gotland is a special but unpredictable part of Sweden with the brightest and the highest density of the country’s historical sites and restaurants in the UNESCO list of Visby by more than any other Swedish city. The Baltic Archipelago has a fantastic view of exotic forest pastoral landscapes, fishing villages and tranquil beaches – except for the summits of the summits now gather here from mainland China and the islands, which is a turbulent year of this year’s welterweight from the 2017 Biennale Beach Games in June.

Most tourists are content with fewer efforts when it comes to the island’s activities, which is incredible for bicycle navigation with smooth running paths and pure scenery.


4. Galicia, Spain


Best cities to visit in Europe
Best cities to visit in Europe / Europe tripBest places to visit in Europe

Thousands of people come every year in the mountainous province of Galicia, travelling to Santiago de Compostela famous in the world Caminos de Santiago. But few know that the only northwestern corner of Spain, the only liqueur of culture, is that it is a psychology to discover a dream beyond the Caminos.

Almost a handful for yourself, Galicia has its own language and history, its music (gadgets), a good legacy of centuries-old stone architecture, and wonderful people. More than 1,000 km of snake bays around the longest entry, cliffs, beautiful fishing villages and hundreds of beaches. It offers some of the finest seafood you will ever enjoy with which the typical Gallagreee offers perfect imperfections. And 2018 is a special year to enjoy wine, galaxies and food, as Cambados celebrates its year as the European city of wine.


3. Leeds, UK

European destination
European destinationsTop 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe 2018 / Europe trip

The northern cousin of Manchester has spent the last decade bringing back the cold socks back, reclaiming Leeds as a holy city for lovers of beer, craft and more concentrated night owls.

The latest developments have driven their Victorian hub and the Neighborhood atmosphere in the 21st century, stylish boutiques, cafes and creative restaurants and people seeking an alternative to London. On time, your visit with the two-week festival of Indian food in May – confirms the Leeds reputation, a rising capital of food and beverages in the north.

The year marked the two major events: the resumption of the first art gallery in the city and the 50th anniversary of the Leeds carnival – the longest Western European root of Notting Hill.


2. Paphos, Cyprus

Europe trip
Europe trip 5 Best cities to visit in Europe / Europen destination

The capital of Cyprus in the early Roman period Paphos came across the title again: European Cultural Capital has brought global attention to the 2017 Worldwide Investment, significant cultural investment and opportunity to demonstrate the culture of Patriot. And there is something to admire, I.e. The Aphrodite Island has endured many crafts that history has received on its banks: its cemeteries, temples, medieval baths, Romanesque and World Heritage sites, UNESCO’s Kato, came to Paphos and the tombs of all kings at the very attractive times themselves.

Inspired by this history, the two turns to Papac Society and map in the open air factory of the event, in order to build 300 between the bridge culture.


1. Le Havre, France

Travel Europe
Travel EuropeTop 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe

One of the best places for the summer is the city of Norman, Le Havre Town, which will celebrate its 500th anniversary with five months of art and music. The city will host a concert port, outdoor art venues, street parade, dance party dressings and extraordinary shooting. The show featuring the giant Lucy and Royal floors of the Mahayana Buddhist temple filled with underwater observation decks.

Despite the years of “Le Havre”, the city is a show of fascinating modern architecture – including human designs such as Auguste Perret, Othello Zavaroni and Oscar Niemeyer – completely rebuilt after World War II. Le Havre is a very basic base for exploring other parts of Normandy, the famous D-day beach to the pretty cliffs of Étretat.

So These are our picks for the ‘Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Europe 2018′ in Tourism category if you guys know something more interesting, So please let us know in the comment section.




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