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Top 5 Best Free Photo Editing Software 2018

top free photo editor

Top 5 Best Free Photo Editing Software 2018 that will make the image look incredible.

Like most of us, you may have dozens if not hundreds of images are stored on the phone or SD card on the camera. But do you do most of them? Most of them may look good, but with a free photo editor and little time, you can turn them into something great that you can not wait to share online or even make your frames on the wall.

Are you looking across the way for Photoshop that gives you better control over every little detail of your photos, or a basic free editor for photos in the Instagram style that offers a range of filters with a mouse click, you’ll find something of interest here.

If you are already satisfied with the overall look of your photos and just want to squeeze a little bit before sharing the image editor is free, allowing you to resize, crop and apply filters. Most of them are created in social media, so eliminating issues for uploading your photos later. They also benefit from easier usage.

If you plan to print your work, you’ll be better off looking for a free image editor that will give you a good inspections you need to make your pictures perfect even at higher resolutions.

5. PhotoScape

 free photo editor
best free photo editing software

Advanced tools and filters that are easy for beginners

The original file conversion has different filter options

Unusual interfacePhotoscape may seem like a simple, but easy-to-use image editor, but you can find many of these functions: Converting raw material, Images and Merging between split animations, GIF creation, and even truly strange (but useful) functions that can print your paper with music or paper ranges.

Meat, of course, is in the photo editing. The PhotoScape interface is among the vast majority of all the apps we’ve seen here, with the widgets being grouped into pages in different definitions. This is not an attempt to win Photoshop and have fewer features.

We will point you to this point, but that does not mean that you can not get a stable result. PhotoScape filters are functional and do not look like a beginner, so if you have a good option, you need to quickly and accurately align or add a light filter to a photo.



4. Photo Pos Pro

free photo editing software
free photo editing software

Being the best image editor takes much of your Photoshop signal

Manage intelligent interfaces and advanced file export documents

Photo Position Support is not as popular as Paint.net and GIMP, but is another high quality image editor that is packed with advanced tools for enhancing images.

The Free Photo Editor interface is smarter and more accessible than all the GIMP menus and toolbars all arranged in a logical and robust way. If it is still embarrassed, there is a “Startup” layout that is similar to Fotor filter based approaches. This option is yours.

Free Photo Pos Pro has one unique obstacle: Files can be saved to a maximum resolution of 1,024 x 2,014 pixels, which can be too small if you plan to print them professionally. If you want to remove this setting.


3. Google Nik Collection

free photo editor
free photo editor

Professional qualification filters that work alone or as attachments Working as a single attachment or application New compromise is not a long time of active development. This is a must try photo editor so this is why it is in our list.

Google’s unlimited commitment to close virtually every market sometimes spends dividends for wallets. Take the German Development Company in Nick in 2012 – His tool to add the Nik’s photo editor is sold for $ 500 now and by early 2016, Google decided to take the price and release the powerful collection of power.

We suspect that support and updates may be limited, but it allows you to set up 7 photo quality improvements such as EEG imaging and movie image. Color correction editor Auto correct monochrome converter you reduce noise Define; Vivace color selection agency; And the Sharpener and HDR that speak for themselves.

These are free plugins, if you use Photoshop and you can add them to Compatibility Software when you install them, but they can be run as a separate image editor free of charge if you renew their executable files. They will not appear in your Windows program list; you should search in C: \ Program Files \ Google \ Nik Collection. To edit a photo, drag it into an EXE file of the editor you selected. This is a strange system, but it works!


2. Fotor

top free photo editor
best free photo editing software

First filter, image productivity action, no support for plugins

Fotor is more than photosynthetic than a manual fat handler. If there is a specific area of ​​correction you have to deal with, say a toothbrush or a cloned therapy tool, you are not lucky. However, if your need is simple, the pile of the highest filter is actually light.

For example, there are incredible tools for changing the bias, as well as vibrant colors and vibrant colors that are accessible via Fotor’s smart menu system. You can manually change your own curves and levels, but there is no complication of high end tools this is why it can be said as one of best photo editor software.

The great features of Fotor and one that are not enough in the Free Photo Editor are their tools for the forthcoming process – Try charging images and filtering them piles at the same time, perfect if you have a full memory card of blank clicks and should cover the effects of an annoying camera or hand unstable.


1. Adobe Photoshop Express

top free photo editor
Top free photo editor

Just, but with the high quality you expect from Adobe. Optimization for touch Auto color optimization All filters are in-app purchases

Adobe Photoshop Express is a different creature than the full version of a powerful image editor in the industry, but it is useful to provide beautiful images.

There is no advanced photo editing tool, so you will not be able to shake your head, adjust light, or even crop your image. Instead, choose good Instagram style filters and quick links so you can send the results directly to Facebook or save it to your computer.

Adobe Photoshop Express is simple, but the filter is perfect and is more affordable than buying apps if you want more choices. That’s it’s safe to say that it is the most popular photo editing software.


So, these are our picks of “Top 5 Best Photo Editng Software 2018 and if you guys know something more exciting, so please let us know in the Comment Section. 

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