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Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical Schools 2018

Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical School


Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical Schools – Are you looking for a quality medical school? If so, set yourself up as we explore the best medical schools in the Caribbean. We all know that this area is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The white sandy beach, the blue ocean, is most beautiful of destinations on Earth.

However, Caribbean countries also provide high-quality education, especially for those interested in medicine. Medical Schools in the Caribbean still allows graduates to work as doctors in 50 states in the United States and Canada. Lower costs, less competitive, and relaxing opportunities are some of the benefits to take into consideration when choosing a college campus.


So here are the “Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical Schools”


5 – University of West Indies, Mona (UWI)


best caribbean medicasl schools
Top 5 Best medical School in Caribbean


University of West Indies got the fifth position in our list of ‘Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical Schools’ because, The UWI, Mona (Jamaica) has been successful in pharmaceuticals. However, the UWI School of Medicine is small, and therefore only holds only 15% of the candidates. Recently, however, UWI has expanded its infrastructure by incorporating a new medical science faculty. With modern architecture and facilities, teaching and new research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences is a far greater improvement than the old faculty. Located in the beautiful country of Jamaica, UWI offers a versatility with students and affordable medical schools with high standard.



4 – Saba University (SU)


Medical Education
Top 5 best Caribbean medical universities 2018


Another medical school is located in the Dutch territory in the Caribbean region, a city-based Saba University with the same name. The University has over 1300 medical graduates in the United States and Canada. Teaching is based on the American model. Located on a small island, it does not offer many leisure activities but it is also beneficial as it provides more time for students. Differences of students from different cultures and many student organizations will make teaching in Saba an interesting experience.


3 – American University of the Caribbean (AUC)


best Caribbean medical schools
“best Caribbean medical schools”


AUC is another great choice for MD in the future. It is located in Saint Maarten (Netherlands) and is accredited by the Faculty of accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine and meets the requirements of the federally funded student program. He only accepts high-quality students and is modeled on a US-based medical school.



2 – Saint George’s University (SGU)


top Caribbean medical schools
best 5 Caribbean medical schools


SGU is located in Grenada. Despite all the media reports about the dangers associated with living in the country, it is safe (the media reports bad news as it is good news). SGU is one of the best schools in the region, in collaboration with the United States and the United Kingdom, to provide high quality education for future doctors. Learning is a great experience, and most importantly, the last two years of training in medical institutions in the United States or the United Kingdom.


1 – Ross University


Caribbean Education
Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical School


Many have successfully graduated in the United States and Canada from the University of Ross. Ross has a number of Clinical Training Centers in the Mainland (Miami Amphithec) and selects only the best trainers and researchers, making him one of the best medical schools in the region. It’s a private university based in the Dominican Republic, and higher tuition fees at the US State School of Medicine, but they are still lower than the average fee in American private universities. However, the percentage of graduates who receive a license in the United States (over 90%) highlights the high quality of education in this site.


So these are our picks for the Top 5 ‘Best Caribbean Medical Schools’ 2018 and we can say that the Caribbean offers high-quality recreation and entertainment but also a good medical education. Low living cost and low fees along with experienced and qualified teachers, make the local-based university attractive to students who want to pursue a medical profession.

Hope you like our list of Top 5 Best Caribbean Medical Schools 2018 and if you know something more exciting, So please let us know in the comment section.

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