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Top 10 Best Mexican Breakfast 2018

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Top 10 Best Mexican Breakfast 2018 – You might have heard old sayings that breakfast is the most important part of the day for a person. In Mexico, this is truer than ever in the morning since breakfast is big business, and very importantly that Mexicans enjoy a light lunch, it becomes more important to take proper breakfast in the morning. Consider what would be the best breakfast you’d have?

So let’s have a look at our list of Top 10 Best Mexican Breakfast 2018″ .

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10. Huevos a la Mexicana

best mexican breakfast, mexican food, mexican breakfast ideas
“best Mexican breakfast”, “Mexican food”, “Mexican breakfast ideas”

Another entrance to the permanent food, popular eggs are huevos la Mexicana. The most famous and delicious selection that you can order basically is served scrambled eggs (huevos revueltos), which add the onion, tomatoes, and peppers for extra flavor and healthy pills of patriotism. As with the options mentioned above, it will be accompanied by hot bubbling and hot bubbles.

9. Molletes

best mexican breakfast, mexican food,
best Mexican breakfast, Mexican food

This open sandwich was in the laggard context, but Mexico was dealing with the diversity of this wonderful meal for years. Months are important bolillo bread reduced half before the length is toasted, covered with schmear healthy beans and cheese, plus the additional ones you choose. Usually, the choices include ham and egg, although the option is open itself. Think of it as a Mexican pizza for breakfast.

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8. Pan Dulce and Café de Olla

best mexican breakfast, mexican food, mexican breakfast ideas

best mexican breakfast, Mexican food, Mexican breakfast ideas

The combination of sweet bread (pan) and favorite cafe de Mexico (literally: Sheet tigansko literally “sweet coffee” is coffee, boiled with raw sugar and cinnamon) is the traditional choice for breakfast too many people; something to draw you into the main event, you can say. As a result, you would see them on the streets in Mexico, full of the sales, which makes balancing Its disk with coconut milk onto their shoulders and even their breakfast and large pots of cafe de sheets.

7. Licuados, Jugos, and Biónicos

best mexican breakfast, mexican food, mexican breakfast ideas
best Mexican breakfast, Mexican food, Mexican breakfast ideas

Mexico, of course, can have heavy greasy carbohydrates with fat and so if you do not feel sold to a completely solid option, the heavy breakfast is being discussed so far a combination of freshly juicy or Jjugos, Biónicos or Licuados is the best choice for you. Biónicos is a combination base of yogurt and granules, frequently chopped fruits or nuts, while Iago is just water and Licuados , similar to the fruit.

6. Guajalota, a.k.a. Torta de Tamal

best mexican breakfast, mexican food, mexican breakfast ideas
best Mexican breakfast, Mexican food, Mexican breakfast ideas

A staple of Mexican cuisine, albeit principally in the capital, the guajalota, otherwise known as a torta de tamal (tamale sandwich) is one of the heartiest, most authentic and genuinely delicious on-the-go breakfast dishes that you can get your hands on. While it may seem like a carb-on-carb nightmare to some (after all, the tamal itself is essentially just corn masa dough filled with either meats, cheeses or vegetables) it is surprisingly delicious and definitely a Mexico City experience. If you’re still not convinced though, just eat the tamale alone and skip the bread!

5. Huevos Motuleños

mexican breakfast meals, best mexican brunch, mexican dishes
Mexican breakfast meals, best Mexican brunch, Mexican dishes

The ancient Uttan, huevos motuleños is a great regional healing, although it is likely to pass them outside of Yucatan so is their popularity. Eggs are big business in the world of breakfast in Mexico and this dish is no exception – two tortillas covered with black clippings covered with baked beans and cover the eggs with sauces, peas, ham and fried cheese. The perfect combination of sweet and refreshing drinks will surely lead you to a perfect start.

4. Huevos Divorciados

mexican breakfast meals, best mexican brunch, mexican dishes
Mexican breakfast meals, best Mexican brunch, Mexican dishes

Another egg on the basis of eggs, divorciados huevos (bright “divorced eggs”) is an addition to the menu of general, all restaurants or funds that serve breakfast. The dish includes two sun-shaped eggs, fried eggs (estrellados huevos), salsa on top with greens and the other – with red sauce, hence the name “divorced.” They are accompanied, as a rule, beans, sliced avocados and the heart of many dishes, tortilla, a humble Mexican corn. The varieties on divorciados rancheros huevos are huevos – two tortillas covered with clear fried eggs and bathed in a slightly spicy sauce.

3. Quesadillas Fritas

mexican breakfast meals, best mexican brunch, mexican dishes
Mexican breakfast meals, best Mexican brunch, Mexican dishes

Your usual quesadilla (unless you’re in Mexico City, where you can specify whether you want cheese or not) has always had a tortilla twice full of good health that served cheese and then could be added anything more if you ask for – from chicken to demeanor, practically everything. However, if you want more breakfast, try hunting in somewhere that serves delicious food. Made of cornstarch, they are filled and prepared the same way before they’re deeply fried and covered with salsa and cream.

2. Enchiladas

mexican breakfast meals, best mexican brunch, mexican dishes
Mexican breakfast meals, best Mexican brunch, Mexican dishes

Enchiladas, the real Mexican version, is a good light but still a fancy breakfast snack that will prepare you for the day. The basic version of enchiladas usually consists of four roll tortillas, slightly corn, followed by filling (chicken is the most popular choice). Then they are served with salsa, lettuce, and cream. The variations of enzymes may include the so-called Enchiladas suizas (Swiss flags) with a green sauce with added cream and cheese. An entomlage option is just an enthalpy attached to a mole, unlike salsa.

1. Chilaquiles

top 10 best mexican breakfast, best breakfast in mexico
top 10 best Mexican breakfast, best breakfast in Mexico

An ideal Mexican breakfast cuisine is chilaquiles, or tortilla chips wrapped in red or green sauce and covered with egg, plus onions and cheese. They are popular in home, family, breakfast spots, and sometimes you can find them being sold in the box by street vendors. Once again, as in Mexican way, you can find it as torta de Chilaquiles, but the way you choose it depends on you – we think both ways are tasty.

So these are our picks of “Top 10 Best Mexican Breakfast 2018” in our Taste and Food category and if you guys know something more exciting so please let us know in the comment section.


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